Cruising yachty’s story: Of Foreign Build

JackieParry1 Jackie Parry, co-author of Cruisers’ AA (accumulated acumen) has become a bestselling author within twenty-four hours of releasing her second book, Of Foreign Build (from corporate girl to sea-gypsy woman).

Jackie was born in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. In her twenties she left for Australia and travelled the world on a sailboat with her Australian husband. This adventure was the inspiration behind Cruisers’ AA and Of Foreign Build. For sometime Jackie made a home in the Illawarra with Noel.

Of Foreign Build is about a woman’s journey from a corporate girl to a sea-gypsy woman. After suffering an emotionally-brutal bereavement and against advice Jackie ran away to sea. She was thrust into a new culture, with a new husband. She had no friends and no knowledge of boats. Thereafter, what followed was nearly nine years of heart-stopping adventures: pirates, storms, muggers, man-eating crocs, complete freedom and terrific fear.

Of Foreign Build comes in either paperback (includes coloured pictures) or as a Kindle version (photo album at Jackie Parry’s website)

Kindle – around $4.56 AUS
Paperback – around $22.95 AUS
Cruisers’ AA (accumulated acumen) by Jackie and Noel Parry, contains over 1,800 tips, tricks, ideas and advice on living on board. This essential guide is woven wih over 100 short stories and articles. Cruisers’ AA is available in paperback, which includes coloured pictures and diagrams.

The Kindle version has recently been released which also has accompanying pictures and diagrams on Jackie Parry’s website   (Cruisers’ AA came in at number 5 on the bestselling list).

Kindle – around $4.56 AUS
Paperback – for around $29.99 AUS