How to keep your boat in prime condition

Summer has flown by and autumn is already upon us. How did that happen?! What’s not in question is that your precious boat has weathered another change of seasons. How do you protect your boat from the elements? How do you keep it in prime condition? Fortunately, there are simple ways to regularly maintain your boat and keep it in top shape.

Keep it clean

Routinely washing your boat may seem obvious but many boat owners tend to forget this crucial step. It’s no secret that your boat may develop rust from constant exposure to seawater. Hosing down your boat after each use will prevent this process and helps to ensure its longevity.

Inspect your propellers

Once your boat is in the water, there’s no way for you to know what objects lurk beneath. Inspect your propellers regularly to check for any possible damage sustained from debris or rogue fishing lines. Ideally, you should be checking your propellers before heading out and immediately after heading in. Bent propellers will not only make it harder for you to steer, they will also cause damage to your motor.


Change your oil and oil filter

No matter what type or model of boat you have, you must change your oil and oil filter routinely to keep it running smoothly. The rule of thumb is to change both oil and oil filter after every 100 hours of use. However, you may need to do this more often depending on your boat and the type of boating you do. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to consult a professional. Remember that changing oil is essential to making your engine last longer.

Put your boat in secure storage

It will be winter again before you know it and, unless you live in the tropics, will likely stow away your boat for the cooler months ahead. It’s very important that you find a secure and hazard-free storage space. If you don’t have a big enough shed or garage, consider using self-storage companies such as Fort Knox (which has self-storage options in many areas such as Brisbane’s Narangba). Making sure your boat is secure during the off season will prevent any unexpected repair work during the warmer months.

Properly care for your battery

When you are out on the waves the last thing you want is to have a flat battery. To avoid this, make sure you are using a battery that is made specifically for boat use. Also inspect your battery regularly so that you know when it needs replacement. Lastly, be sure that you safely remove your battery before storing your boat away for winter. This will prevent battery drainage when you haul it back out for the summer.

Marine battery creative commons flikr

Care for your investment

Having a boat is a big investment so it’s important that you keep it in top shape for as long as possible. If you follow the recommendations above, you will have a better chance of keeping your boat at its optimal condition. Developing a routine is crucial as well as scheduling maintenance work. If you are unable to do certain jobs yourself, don’t hesitate to outsource this to professionals. Remember that by keeping your boat in prime condition you’re also ensuring that you’re safe on the water!


NOTE: This is sponsored editorial