Major marina research project underway

A major research project is underway to assess the health of the Australian marina industry. The research will build on extensive industry data gathered and analyzed during 2011 and 2013. The project is being strongly supported by industry and is attracting additional private sector support.

In 2013, 164 or 47% of Australia’s 347 marinas participated in the biennial marina research project that quantifies the economic, social and environmental health of the marina industry. The research is conducted by the widely respected Recreational Marine Research Centre (RMRC) at Michigan State University in association with the Marina Industries Association (MIA).

Last week 347 marinas were invited to participate in the 2015 Club Marine Health of the Australian Marina Industry Survey. MIA has set a target to achieve a 50% response rate. MIA Executive Officer Colin Bransgrove said marina owners and managers understand the importance of quality data to promote and protect the industry. “Having RMRC as a trusted and independent manager of the project ensures industry has a high level of confidence that individual data is protected and that the combined data outputs are accurate and of value.”

This year Club Marine, Australia’s leading marine insurer, is supporting the project. Club Marine CEO Simon McLean said the research project is widely respected across the marine industry and aligns with the values and priorities of Club Marine. “Club Marine is committed to supporting the marine sector to achieve long term growth and sustainability.  We are excited by the opportunities this industry collaboration poses.  The research data provides marinas with a great resource to strategically plan for continued growth in 2016 and beyond.”

Australian marinas have until the end of October to participate in the 2015 Club Marine Health of the Australian Marina Industry Survey. The survey report will be released in early 2016. The 2013 report is available on the MIA web site.