Marinas Guide is shutting down

After almost 12 years as the Definitive Guide to marinas in Australia and South Pacific, the Marinas Guide will close down at the end of 2019.

I launched The Guide from the forepeak of the Alden 48 yacht while docked at Southport for an extended period in 2007. We had been sailing around the Australian coast and I had become frustrated at trying to find out where all the marinas were located.

Back then, there was no once central resource to find this information. There were some listings on the State based boating organisations, others were found at marine associations or there was Google to search. It all took a lot of time and bandwidth at a time when smartphones didn’t yet exist and mobile internet was sketchy at best.

Times have changed and thankfully it is much easier to now find out where all the fabulous marinas are located. To that end, the Marinas Guide has been superseded by more modern technology.

I would like to personally thank every single boatie, cruiser, sailor who has used the guide and found it useful. I am also grateful for all the marina operators and marine businesses who have supported The Guide through advertising over its lifetime – you have made this valuable resource possible. All current advertisers are fully supported until 31 December 2019.

Thank you and fair winds and calm seas.


PS The url and domain name are now for sale – get in touch if you’d like to capitalise on a trusted domain name with a solid reputation