Premium wine in boat-friendly packaging

Tote Wines | Travel Boating Lifestyle
It’s no secret that life is better when enjoyed with your favourite drop. It’s also no secret that boaties are rather partial to sundowners after a day on the water. Glass bottles aren’t always practical. Thinking outside the bottle, Tote Wines is the first and only Australian company to launch a premium product, packaged in flexible wine pouches.

Designed for convenience the Tote Wines range comes in an easy to chill, easy to carry, 1.5L wine pouch that gives consumers the flexibility to enjoy great wine on any adventure and on any occasion. The premium look and feel of the pouches matches the premium contents, with all wine carefully picked, produced and packaged, in and around the heart of the Barossa Valley.

The launch range includes a 2014 Barossa Valley Shiraz and a 2016 Eden Valley Sauvignon Blanc with a Barossa Valley Rosé set to launch in the coming months.

Tote Wines | Travel Boating LifestyleTote Wines’ flexible pouches have a shelf life of up to twelve months prior to opening and will keep the premium contents fresh for four weeks once opened. That means customers can enjoy a single glass, add it to their favourite recipe or switch from white to red without worrying about wastage.

The lightweight packaging also acts as a practical alternative to glass bottles in many instances such as hiking, camping, for festivals, picnics or boating, without compromising on the quality of the wine.

Adding to consumer appeal, Tote Wines are vegan and vegetarian friendly and offer a classy, convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottles. Creating a carbon footprint one fifth the size of a glass bottle during the manufacturing process, The Tote Wines pouch is also recyclable, making it the most cost effective and convenient method on the market to carry and consume premium wine.

Jarrod Bryce, founder of Tote Wines, said, “the humble ‘goon bag’ isn’t a new concept, but we’ve taken all the benefits of this classic Aussie invention (the fact that it’s flexible, lighter to carry, more affordable, has a reduced Carbon Footprint and that it keeps wine fresher for longer) and given it a facelift. We want to change the perception that premium wine can only be found in a glass bottle.”

“We’ve conducted a number of blind tastings against high caliber wines, with positive results and with the launch of our first two products, we are poised to keep innovating to offer consumers a wider range of wines to enjoy in a unique way that suits their lifestyle.”

Each Tote Wines pouch is the equivalent of two bottles of wine and retail for $60 per two-pack with cartons of 6 and mixed cartons available for $179.70.

Tote Wines pouches are available online and soon at select Australian retailers.