Review: Rob’s Passage Planner

RobsPassagePlannerRob Starkey is a knowledgeable New South Wales yachtsman who is passionate about safe sailing, whether sailing his own yacht or guiding others to get the most out of their. His Passage Planner guide is one of the most detailed cruising guides you’re likely to come across.

From Hobart in the south through to Lizard Island in the north, Rob has cruised the east coast extensively taking detailed notes along the way. Not just about the coastal features but about weather conditions, sea state, lights and headlands, anchorages, bays and marinas. In it’s third edition Rob’s Passage Planner covers almost any topic a cruising boaty needs to know when planning a voyage.

From passage planning and management while cruising, weather, communications, lights, marinas, safety and even health management, the guide is minutely detailed with sound advice. There’s scores of reference material in there too, particularly handy for new cruisers or international cruisers unfamiliar with the east Australian coast Chartlets are included, breaking up the job of passage planning in manageable chunks, particularly useful if you’re cruising just a section of the Australian east coast.

Illustrations are clear and precise with all diagrams, charts and tables well referenced and easily read, even for those of us with failing eyesight! Perhaps the strongest feature of Rob’s Passage Planner is in the professional manner that Starkey has tackled the monumental task of writing a cruising guide to the entire east Coast.

But it is far more than a cruising guide. It’s almost a manual for a successful coastal voyage. Written in a style that offers reliable sound advice in an authoritative voice, it’s the sort of guide I know I can trust.

Verdict: Highly Recommended