Zulu Waterways app for finding boating info

Zulu Waterways is an interactive app and boating guide for finding boating info worldwide.

“What’s different about Zulu Waterways versus, say, a chart plotter or a cruising guide?”

Well the answer is, plenty!

Zulu Waterways is a boat owners tool for finding shared information from sailors all in one spot.
It is beautifully easy to use and fun! Based on a Google interactive map, it has a nice familiar feel. Information available on the app ranges from anchorages, marinas and swimming spots, to fuel docks, navigation advice and even the location of bins and taps—whatever information people feel will be useful to other sailors.


Thinking of all those times I’ve googled a problem like: “When does the bridge open?”; “What’s the best way to cross this bar?”; “Where is the nearest place to fill up with water?” etc. and I’ve had to either sift through multiple websites and sailing forums to try to find a useful and recent answer, or those times when I’m thinking, say, while navigating a tricky shallow channel, ”Um, this doesn’t look like the chart/cruising guide, I wonder if the channel has shifted!?”

The idea is that on Zulu, information like this is posted by other sailors. It’s all in one place and one tap away. You just go to the map, find the relevant icon and all the information put in by other sailors is right there.

Of course, it’s all going to depend on people sharing their local knowledge and expertise, but sailors are generous souls and enjoy showing off their knowledge (especially after a few sundowners!). Zulu has useful icons already input all over the world. So if you have local knowledge to share, get onboard! (You might just save a few visiting cruisers the fate of past boats—running aground, dragging their anchors, etc.)

Any user can contribute by adding new icons or by editing and commenting on existing information.

The other functions of the app include a social media section for posting, asking questions and recording travels. One feature allows you to leave an icon on the map showing your current location, along with photos if you like. Entries like this can then also be shared directly via Facebook, which gives a link for friends and family to follow your journey on the Zulu map.

And now we get to the best thing about Zulu—it’s free! And the developers Lauren and Niki, a young cruising couple with their first baby, are committed to keeping it that way. Next is the offline version which is coming soon.

The app is available in app stores on iphone or Android or visit Zulu Waterways website.